Bril Happiness Tour

At Bril, we are all about happiness, and as a team we are out to experience and document the wonderful places, people and businesses that also believe in making people happy. 

As part of the “Bril Happiness Tour” we will be visiting places around the Western Cape that puts a smile on your face 😀

Please share with us places you love and we will go visit them, all while sharing our experiences with you on our blog. This can be a scenic hike you love, beautiful views somewhere or anything that makes the eyes smile. It can be a coffee shop that offers an amazing experience or an airbnb with a unique stay. Anything goes. You can simply drop us an email at with the following details:

Name of Place:

Why it makes you happy:


We look forward to share our travels with you at #brilhappinesstour on Instagram and Facebook.

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