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Buying glasses once-off can break the bank, but imagine, for as little as R290 per month, you could get new face furniture every year? We would love to introduce to you the first of it’s kind in South Africa, the Bril Subscription. For a small amount per month you will receive a trendy new Bril frame with the top of the range Zeiss Single Vision Lenses (including premium coatings) every 12 months.

Only R290.00 per month

Yes, you only pay R290 per month and receive a new Bril frame and prescription Zeiss lenses every year. We use the recurring payment platform of Payfast for ease of use

Free eye test

As a Bril subscriber, to ensure your prescription is still up to date, you will receive a free eye test and prescription to use in your new frame, giving you the best vision with the best lenses

Bril range

Choose from our large “Bril” range as part of the subscription plan. These frames are updated regularly to stay on trend, and they also come with a one year manufacturing warranty

Warranty on lenses & frame

We only use the best frames and lenses for our prescription glasses. The frames come with a standard 1 year warranty and the lenses have a 2 year manufacturing warranty, giving you peace of mind

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