#GEELINSPIRASIE is all about appreciating eyesight.

As optometrists we understand the importance of having good eyesight, but so many times we see people not appreciating that gift and taking there vision for granted. It’s only when we lose our eyesight that we realise what massive privileged it is to have crisp, clear vision.

#geelinspirasie is a movement started by Optometrist Werner Fourie to raise awareness not only about eye care, but also to make people more aware of the beauty around them.

People love to take selfies, but it is time to turn our phones and cameras around and start taking pictures of the beauty in front of us.

Let us rather share great experiences, delicious food and picturesque views. Anything that makes the eyes jump with joy ūüôā

It’s easy to join the movement.

Use the hashtag #geelinspirasie and share with us your favourite spots from around the Western Cape that have made you appreciate good eyesight.

What is your favourite restaurant, café, or bakery? What about your favourite hiking, fishing, or camping spot? 

We are researching all the top spots around Western Cape, and when done, we will go visit them all and share our experience with you. The top spots in each category will make it into our new coffee table book.

See below the categories in which we will be placing all the entries

  1. Best Coffee Shops

  2. Best Little Town

  3. Best Camping Spots

  4. Best Burgers

  5. Best Views

  6. Most Unique Accommodation