One of our favourite movies of all time is the movie “Eat, Pray, Love” starring Julia Roberts. For those who have watched this movie, you will remember the big smile of “Ketut”, the traditional Balinese medicine man.

Ketut played a caring and cheeky healer that had great quotes like:

Keep grounded, so it’s like you have 4 legs.
That way, you can stay in this world.
Also, no looking at world through your head. 
Look through your heart, instead.
That way, you will know God.
After visiting Bali on holiday, we fell in love with the kind hearts of the Balinese people and the beauty of it’s surroundings. It touched our hearts like no other destination has ever, so much so that we went back to Bali on honeymoon only a few months later. It is a truly magical place and special to us.
When we decided that we would like to give our delivery Tuk-Tuk a name, we immediately thought of Ketut the Tuk-Tuk.
Ketut symbolized happiness, love and compassion. Ketut Liyer passed away in 2016 at the magical age of 100!