Bril-liant spots around the Western Cape.

We are planning to write a book about the best places around the Western Cape. You may be thinking, oh no, not another book about “best places bla-bla!  Don’t worry, we are doing things a bit differently.

We have decided to stick to the following categories:

  1. Best Coffee Shops
  2. Best Little Towns
  3. Best Camping Spots
  4. Best Burgers
  5. Best Views
  6. Most Unique Accommodation

How this will differ from everything out there, is that our reviews will be based on authenticity. We will be collecting suggestions straight from the locals that know the areas best, and we will go there to experience it first hand, taking with us our yellow sticker as proof.

The more authentic a place is, the better. South Africa, and the Western Cape in particular has natural beauty, real natural beauty, and we want to experience the very best of it. Then we will share our experiences with you along the way.

Why are we doing this?

As optometrists we know first hand what difference vision can have in someones life, it has become a personal mission to get people to “see the beauty” around them. To appreciate the vision we have received as a gift.

Natasha and myself love to travel and see new things, experience different cultures and collect great memories. What better place to do this than our own home, Western Cape.

If you have any suggestion of places we have to see, please share it with us in the comments section below… Or tag us and the place on Facebook or Instagram using @hello_bril and #hellobril