Why Optometry, Why Western Cape, Why Bril?

 In Optometry we have a gift that we can give to others, the gift of sight. While most optometrists see (pun intended) people as patients, we also see them as human beings. Yes people want to see better, but don’t they also want to look good and feel great?

At Bril that is the core of our business, we help people not only see better, but look and feel better than ever before. We love what we do!


Our Journey portrayed in a short Poem by Liscinda van Eck (Werner’s Sister)

One very long, very cold night and one very tall bottle of red wine, that is where it all began. A combination of passion and a smoke filled room filled with dreams. That dream turned into 5 practices, 2 dogs and a wife. With music in our veins and family is our bones.

Jokes, tears and a little bit of heavy sweat; A few times I might add. It started at Southern Cape., then Southern Gauteng. Southern Gauteng again. Southern Gauteng once again!

And now added. Remastered. Cultured. Brand New. Bril. Western Cape. Afrikaans. Want ons is.

We will always rebel against the norm. We live and we love. We say no to ugly glasses and yes to giving back. Our vision scares us a little but excites us a lot.