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Choose 3 frames with “Home Try-On” option and checkout. Home Try-On is free. You only need to pay the courier fees to and from you, which is R249,00. You can keep these frames for 3 days, that gives you one day per frame. We’ll arrange a courier to pick up the frames after 3 days. You can then sit back and wait for your favourite glasses to be delivered.


Pick 3 pairs of glasses between a variety of  color options – there’s something for everyone.


Now’s the time to poll your friends and family with those selfies and decide on a winner!


Once your 3 days are up, return the kit and head back to our website to order your favorite.

Bril Alleen


We only allow one Home Try-On per household at a time. This way other customers can also have fun trying out our frames! Our Home Try-On option is currently only available within South Africa.

Bril Alleen

Home Try-On is free. We only ask that you cover the shipping to you and back which is only R249.

Bril Alleen

Go to the single product pages and choose 3 frames that you love. Checkout and pay the amount payable (R249). We’ll then courier our Home Try-On to you and pickup will be arranged 3 days after receiving the parcel.

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